Ellucian Go

Ellucian Go is an app that allows you to access some of your mySCC information in a mobile-friendly format. You can download Ellucian Go from the iPhone and Android app stores. This article is an overview of some of its features

ellucian go logo

From the app's home screen you can sign in by tapping any of the links at the bottom of the screen, or you can sign in from the main menu. Tap the "hamburger" icon to access the menu.

Ellucian app home screen

The main menu is available both before and after you sign in. One item that you can access without signing in is the link to Important Numbers. Notice that some links (with locks next to them) require you to log in to access. The Sign In link is at the bottom of the menu.

app menu

The Important Numbers screen gives you instant access to the main numbers to each campus and to SCC security.

important numbers page

The Sign In page requires you to enter your SCC username and password. For your username, use the first part of your email address, but not the "@shawneecc.edu" part.

You can enable Stay signed in, if you don't want to have to log in with your credentials each time you use the app.

If your phone supports it, you can also enable Use biometrics to unlock (for fingerprint or facial scans).

sign in page

Once logged in, you can access your schedule, grades and school bill. To check your schedule, click My Schedule at the bottom of the home screen or from the Applications menu.

On your schedule page, you can toggle between different Terms, or semesters, a Full Schedule view - a list of all your classes for that term - and a Daily View  - your schedule for a single day.

course schedule page

Click on a course listed on this page to see details about that class. You can access your My Grades page for the course from this page.

course description page

The My Grades page shows your current Final and Midterm grades for each of your courses.

grades screen

My Account displays your current school bill (balance owed) and any recent payments you've made.

account payments screen

The Moodle link in the Applications menu - accessed via the "hamburger" icon - displays course information pulled from your Moodle classes. This information includes any upcoming assignment due dates, calendar events, and instructor announcements (from the Announcements forum in your classes).

app Moodle page