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Add the Proctorio Extension to Chrome

Before using online proctoring, you must install the Proctorio Chrome browser extension to the Chrome browser you will use to log in to Moodle and take the exam. If you don't have Chrome installed on your computer, go here first:

Install Google Chrome

Using Chrome, log in to your class and click on the Secure Remote Proctor icon.

Secure Exam Proctor link

The Secure Exam Proctor page gives you a report of your browser's readiness for your exam. Notice that it reports Chrome is installed. Below this should be a link to the Proctorio browser extension page. Click this link.

Secure Exam Proctor window

On, click the link to go to the browser extension page.

Get the Proctorio Chrome Extension

Click on Add to Chrome to install Proctorio from the Chrome web store.

Proctorio - Chrome Web Store

An installation window will pop open. Click Add extension.

Add extension pop-up

In the upper right corner, a successful installation window will open with information about the browser extension.

successful install window

You should also see a shield icon for the plugin in Chrome's address bar at the top of the window.

Proctorio icon

If you click on this shield icon while in your Moodle class, you'll see support links to chat and to the support center. If you have issues or questions about Proctorio and online proctoring, click these links.

Proctorio support window