Getting ready for a Proctored Exam

SCC uses the Proctorio proctor service for online proctoring of exams. Your instructor will inform you if you are having an exam proctored with Proctorio. Proctorio is a simple browser-based application that works in the background to provide exam security. Following the guidelines in this article will help make sure you are ready for your exam.

Step One: Use Chrome

Proctorio works with Chrome only, so make sure you've downloaded and installed the Chrome browser. Then, access your class using this up-to-date version of Chrome.

Step Two: Add the Proctorio Plugin

In Chrome, add the Proctorio plugin following the instructions in our knowledge base article:

Add the Proctorio Extension to Chrome

Step Three: Check your Hardware

Proctorio will work with most modern computers and operating systems. For more information, review Proctorio's minimum hardware requirements page.


The amount of system memory required will vary depending on the exam proctor settings, but can be as much as 2GB. To make sure that your computer has adequate memory for your test, start by closing all other active programs. For more information and other suggestions, visit Proctorio's article on memory requirements.

Webcam and Microphone

Depending on exam settings, you may be required to have a usb webcam and microphone (or internal webcam and internal microphone) installed in your computer. Pay attention to your instructor's exam instructions and the information on your exam's start page to see if this is a requirement for you.

Step Four: Check your Internet Connection

While Proctorio's Internet connection speed requirements are relatively modest, they can vary depending on exam settings (such as when a webcam is required). Pay particular attention to your upload speeds - .092 Mbps is a minimum but it can be higher for some exams (especially those that require use of a webcam).

Prior to your exam date, check your Internet speed. You can also review these suggestions for how to maximize your connection.


Step Five: Review your Testing Environment

Taking any exam requires a quiet environment with few distractions. Make sure your test-taking space will give you the time and the concentration to focus on doing well.

In addition, some Proctorio exams may require you to do a visual scan of your environment with your webcam. This is mostly to make sure that others are not helping you take your test. Check your test's home page in Moodle to see if this is a requirement for your exam.

Step Six: Review Exam Settings and Prepare for Exam

Review your exam's home page for any special requirements listed for taking your exam - such as using a web cam.

Exam home page

Once you click the link to begin the exam, you'll receive further information and instructions on how the test will be conducted, what information will be collected from you, and any issues that need to be resolved before you start. Follow these instructions to eliminate any technical conflicts. When ready to proceed, click Start exam pre-checks.

Exam details screen

The exam pre-checks will test your settings and connection. If everything checks out, you will be allowed to take the exam.

pre-check page
Step Seven: Get Help if Needed

If you still are having issues after doing all these steps, you can access help from Proctorio via the plugin's icon ("shield" icon). You can chat live with a support specialist or go to the support center and search for a solution to your issue.

You should also look for contextual links in the pre-check phase that may help you resolve specific issues.

Proctorio plugin help window
Other Help

As always, you should notify your instructor to let them know if you are having a persistent issue with completing your exam.

Review and search for help in the Proctorio support portal if you have other questions.

If you have questions or concerns about Proctorio's privacy policy and how your data will be protected, read their statement about data privacy.