Textbook Refunds

Textbook purchases are eligible for a full refund at the beginning of the semester, with a receipt only. The timeline for refunds is based on course length, and follow tuition refund policies.

Textbook Refund Timeline

Refunds for textbooks are allowed based on the following timeline:

  • 12-16 Week Courses: within the first 10 instructional days.
  • 8-11 Week Courses: within the first 5 instructional days.
  • 3-7 Week Courses: 1 day following 1st instructional day.
  • Less Than 3 Week Courses: prior to the 1st instructional day.

Additional Requirements for Refunds

beyond just the timeline, textbook refunds are only given in accordance to the following policies:

  • No refunds will be given on opened sets of  shrink-wrapped, warning labeled materials, or those containing software  and/or codes that have been used.
  • New books being returned will be evaluated by condition.
  • Used books are sold in “as is” condition.
  • Questionable books/returns decisions will be made at the Bookstore manager’s discretion.

Consumables are not covered by any type of SCC Scholarship, Waiver, High  Honors Escrow, etc. However, they are covered by Financial Aid. These  are books or supplements required for the course that are not able to be  brought back once used for refund or buyback.

More Information

For more information, contact the bookstore manager at: 1 (800) 481-2242, ext. 3218

For information about returning general merchandise and reference materials, see the bookstore's website at:

SCC Bookstore