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APA-Style Running Heads in Word

From the menu, click the Insert  tab.

insert tab

In the Header and Footer box, click on Page Number and select the location/option you want the page number (usually Top of Page, Plain Number 1).

page number menu
  1. At the top of the page under Header and Footer Tools, click the box that says Different First Page.
header and footer tools menu

In the Header, type Running head: then abbreviated title IN ALL CAPS. Tab twice and type in the numeral 1.

page header
  1. Go to the second page of your paper. The number 2 should already be there. Type abbreviated title in all caps in front of the 2. Click tab to move the 2 over to the right side of the header.
page 2 header

Once finished, click on the red “X” on the Design tab to close the Header and Footer Tools.

Close header and footer box