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How can I reset my mySCC password?

You can reset your password for mySCC. Which way you do this depends on whether you can log in or not.

If You Can Log In

If you can log in to your mySCC, reset your password by clicking on the Change Password button on your mySCC homepage after you've logged in with your currently active password.

change password icon

In the Change Account Password page that opens, enter your current username, your current password, and the new password of your choice (twice). Once you've done all this, click on Change Password at the bottom. If you need help creating a strong password, you can click on the Secure Password Generator link for help with making one.

change account password page

Be aware that changing your password in mySCC also updates your SCC email password.

If You Can't Log In

If you can't log in to mySCC because you've lost your password, or because it has expired and you aren't able to reset it, contact our mySCC specialist via email -- -- or phone: (618) 634-3272.