Getting an Unofficial Transcript

After logging in to your mySCC account, click on the Student Self Service button.

Student Self Service link

Self Service will open in a new tab. Click to open the Academics menu on the right - it's icon is a graduation hat (mortarboard).

Self Service menu

On the Academics menu, click to open the Student Planning menu. This menu will open and more options will appear below it.

Student Planning menu link

Click on the Unofficial Transcript link - the last item at the bottom of the Student Planning menu.

Student planning menu

A link to download a PDF copy of your unofficial transcript should now appear on the screen. Click the link to download your transcript and to view or print it on your computer.

transcript link

If you are unable to retrieve your unofficial transcript via mySCC, you can still receive a transcript by filling out a request form. For more information, see our online transcripts information page on the SCC Admissions site: