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mySCC - Digital Resources for Students

MySCC is Shawnee Community College's comprehensive online portal for access to all of our digital resources, including email (gmail), Moodle (online class resources), library databases, as well as many other financial and academic resources for students.

mySCC student home page

Digital Resources

The mySCC homepage provides links to many of the college's online resources, including:

  • email - log in to your school Google email account (gmail)
  • Moodle - Automatic login to your Moodle account to access academic resources for your classes
  • Office 365 - get a free student copy of Microsoft Office 365
  • Turnitin - submit papers for an academic integrity review
  • Library databases - link to the library's online databases from on and off campus
  • Setup payment plan - Create a payment plan for your school bill
  • Self service - the self service card has links to your grades, your financial aid, payment plans, plan your courses for future semesters, submit your graduation application, your course attendance, get an unofficial transcript, and more!
  • My Grades - My grades lets you see your current semester midterm and final grades, as well as grades from prior terms
  • Financial Aid - View your current bill, see required financial aid doc status (FAFSA), review your financial aid package and accept your award letter
  • Password reset - update your password for mySCC and SCC email (gmail)