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Finding Links to Academic (and other) Planning Tools

This article demonstrates using the academic planning tools available in mySCC on the Student Self-Service card.

College students should carefully plan their course schedules to ensure they are continuously moving forward towards their long term goals. In mySCC, click on the "Planning" button on the Student Self-Service card to facilitate this planning.

closeup showing the Student Self-Service card with an arrow pointing to the "Planning" link in the card.

When you click on the "Planning" button, you'll be taken to the "Planning Overview" page. This page shows you your schedule for the current semester.

You can also click on links to check how you're doing in your program ("View Your Progress") and to find classes to take in the future ("Plan your Degree" and "Register for Classes"). If you need to search for a specific course, there's a search box in the top right corner of the page that you can use to look through the online course catalog.

closeup showing the Planning Overview page. Arrows on the page point to the different tools discussed in the previous text.

When conducting a search for courses, in addition to viewing course details, you can use buttons to easily add them to your planning pages.

Adding courses to your plan does not officially enroll you in these courses. Contact an advisor for help with using the course planning pages in mySCC, for help creating a plan, and for help enrolling in courses.

Closeup showing results from a search for a math course in the online course catalog. Arrows point to the buttons that allow you to add a class to your plan.