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Joining a Zoom Class on a PC

Joining a Zoom class meeting is as simple as clicking on a link. This article will walk through the process.

When setting up a Zoom session for your class, your instructor will send you a Zoom link. This link can come from a variety of sources, including inside an email, in an invitation to a Google calendar event, a link inside your class in Moodle. The meeting link you click on to join the session will always start with "".

When you click on this link, a new tab will open in your browser and a pop up window will open within that tab asking you to download Zoom's software (if you don't have the Zoom software installed) or open the meeting with the software (if already installed).

If you haven't already installed Zoom

After you click the link, a page will open in your browser telling you that

  1. Zoom is automatically downloading
  2. If Zoom is not automatically downloading, here's a link to force it to download
  3. If you can't download it or just prefer not to, here's a link to join your meeting from within your browser

Once Zoom has downloaded, look in your computer's download folder for the install file. Double-click the file to install it. In Chrome, you'll see the file appear in the lower-left corner of the browser screen. You can click on the file there to start the install process.

Once installed, Zoom will automatically open your meeting. It will begin by asking you to enter your name. Once entered, click Join.

To get in to the meeting, click Join with Computer Audio. However, you may want to click Test Speaker and Microphone to make sure you'll be seen and heard.

For more information about testing your audio and video, check out the article on Testing Audio and Video in Zoom

If you aren't sure your Internet connection will support audio and video, you can call in to the meeting on your phone. Click on the Phone Call tab instead. Make note of the phone numbers, Meeting ID and participant ID, and call one of the phone numbers on your phone. Keep in mind, your connection to the meeting will be audio only.

This phone information should also be listed in the calendar event or invitation email you were sent by your instructor.

Congratulations! You should now be in your class meeting in Zoom!