How to Log in to eTutoring from the Web

eTutoring is Shawnee College's official service for getting online tutoring in academic subjects. You can log in to etutoring 24/7 and post questions to get answers from professional tutors. This article tells you how to log in to get access to these services. eTutoring is free for students.

To log in to etutoring, go to the login page. On the log in page, make sure you see the Shawnee Community College logo and that Account type is set to Student.

eTutoring log in page detail

If logging in for the first time in the semester, follow the instructions to the right in the log in box. These instructions will tell you to use your student email as your username and give you a default password. Enter your information into the login boxes. and click Sign In.

eTutoring sign in link

At your first successful sign in, you'll be taken to a page that asks you to set a new password. Your new password needs to be at least 6 characters long. A 10-character password with at least one number and one special character (@#$%%...) is recommended as most secure. After typing your new password and typing it again to confirm, click Change Password.

Change Password page detail

After a successful change, you'll be taken to a confirmation page and asked to log in again with your new information. When ready, click Sign in.

Password change success message

You are now signed in and ready to use eTutoring!