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Submitting an Essay to the eTutoring Writing Lab

The writing lab lets you turn in a draft of an essay for feedback from a professional writing tutor. Here's how to get started.

Once you've completed and saved a copy of your essay draft where you can access it, log in to eTutoring. Look for the Writing Lab section of the home page.

eTutoring home page

Review the response time listed at the bottom of this section. Ideally, you should have at least a week before your final draft is due for grading to give yourself time to absorb your tutor's comments and make changes. If you are ready to submit your paper for review, click Submit your paper to the Writing Lab at the top of the Writing Lab section.

Link to Writing Lab Main Page

On the Writing Lab Main Page, you'll need to fill out all the information required. Start with the basic information, like:

  • Course Name and Number
  • Course Subject
  • Instructor's Name
  • Title (of your essay)
  • Number of Pages (length of your essay)
  • Detailed Description (of your essay)

Remember to be as complete as you can and follow all section instructions on this page.

Writing lab main page detail

In addition to providing your detailed assignment description, you can also upload a digital copy of your essay assignment instructions from your instructor, if you have them. This isn't required, but is helpful for the tutor to have the original assignment itself when they review your paper.

If you have a copy of these instructions on your devise, click the Browse button to locate and upload it.

Upload assignment instructions section

Finish filling out the final text boxes as instructed on the page. Do not leave one of these blank. If you are confused about what is being asked, explain your confusion. Don't forget to select the appropriate check-boxes as well (for citation style, if any, your native language and your confidence with writing).

Writing lab main page detail

Now, you should be ready to submit. First, review and make sure you are following the Upload Your Assignment instructions at the top of the last section, Add a NEW Draft for this Writing Sample.

When you are ready to proceed, click Browse....

"Add a new draft" section of Writing lab

Your File Upload window should open. Navigate to the folder or portable device where your file is stored. When you find your file name, double-click on it (or click once and then click the Open button in the lower-right corner of the File Upload window).

These instructions are for computers running Microsoft Windows 10. If you are on a difference device, such as an Apple computer or a Chromebook, the exact steps will vary at this point.

File Upload window

If you've successfully uploaded your file at this point, the window will close and you will see your file's name next to the Browse button on the Writing Lab Main Page.

Paper submission page detail

Finally, click the Submit Your Writing Assignment button at the bottom of the page.

Essay submission link

If the upload and submission is a successful, you'll now see the message "Your writing sample has been submitted" at the top of this page. You may get a notification from eTutoring when your tutor has reviewed and commented on your essay. If you've set up notification on your phone via text, you'll get the feedback notification there as well.

When returning later to eTutoring to check your paper status, click View past submissions in the Writing Lab section of the eTutoring homepage. In the paper archive, you'll be able to see your paper (and any others you've submitted), its current status, and all the comments from your tutors.