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I've been dropped from my class. What can I do to rejoin it?

Before the semester starts

Before the beginning of the term, make sure you are aware of when course payments are due and make sure your payments are up to date. If you don't, you run the risk of being removed from upcoming classes that you are registered for. Check your financial aid and bills in mySCC to see what you owe. If you find that you've been dropped from your courses you should:

  • Contact your advisor to find out about being re-added to any classes that were dropped.
  • Once you've been added back to your class(es), contact the bursar about paying your outstanding balance.

During the semester

Early in the school term, your instructor determines if you are actively pursuing course completion and are participating in the class. You may be dropped at the 10th day of class if you are not.

To ensure that you are not dropped from a class for non-participation, make sure:

  • You log in to your online class frequently the first few weeks. For face-to-face classes, make sure you don't miss any sessions of your class (or if you do, contact your instructor and explain why you have to miss).
  • Complete all required assignments on time. This is always important to do, but especially so at the beginning of the semester as a signal to your instructor that you are an active participant who intends to complete the course successfully.

You most likely will be dropped at 10th day if you:

  • Are not logging in to/attending the class.
  • Have not completed your assignments. Instructors will often schedule a few simple assignments early to introduce you to the course and to check your participation in it.

Re-adding a dropped Class

Before the semester has started, re-adding a course is fairly straightforward. As long as your account is current (confirm this via mySCC and the bursar's office) and the course is not full, you can easily add it back to your schedule with the help of your advisor.

Unfortunately, Once a course has started there are fewer circumstances under which you can be added back to a class that has been dropped from your schedule. If you find that you've been dropped during the semester, you should:

  • Contact your instructor immediately. If they believe that you've been dropped in error, they may be able to request that you be added back to the class. Even if you don't think there has been an error, you should still contact your instructor to discuss your options.
  • After speaking to you, your instructor may submit a request to have you added back to the class.

Each case is individual, so don't give up, but be realistic. If you are unable to be added back to the class, you should talk to your advisor to see if there are other courses available that fit your schedule and goals.