SCC Student Knowledge BaseMoodle TroubleshootingHow can I get to Moodle if mySCC is down?

How can I get to Moodle if mySCC is down?

Normally, logging in to Moodle requires you to first log in to mySCC and click the Moodle icon. If mySCC is inaccessible, you can still get to Moodle! Here's how.

Go Directly to the SCC Moodle Homepage

Instead of going to mySCC, type the address for SCC's Moodle into your browser's address bar. The address is:

Login via SCC email

On the Moodle homepage, click on the link that says Login via SCC email.

SCC Moodle log in page detail

Enter your SCC email Username and Password

Clicking this link takes you to your email login page. There, just use the same username (full SCC email address) and password you use to login to your SCC email (which for most is the same as their mySCC username/password).

The page should say "Sign in to continue to".

Google mail log in

Logged in to Moodle

If you've entered your email info in correctly, you will be logged in to Moodle and will be taken to your Moodle course dashboard.

If for some reason you are having trouble logging in to your email to connect to Moodle, follow the "If you Can't Log in" instruction in the Knowledge Base article How can I reset my mySCC password to get a password reset for your email.