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Understanding a Moodle course layout

Moodle Classroom Layout

The home page of courses in Moodle have the same three-area structure as your dashboard, but with different elements:

  1. The left area is the main menu. This menu has links to areas within your course - like grades and a list of students/instructors. Like on the Dashboard, you can toggle the hamburger icon to hide this menu - especially useful if you need extra space to view course content.
  2. The right area contain “blocks”. These blocks can link you to many kinds of resources. The “Upcoming Events” block will show a list of course items from the course’s calendar. The "Latest Announcements" block shows messages the instructor has posted for the class. The arrangement and appearance of these and other blocks are defined by your instructor. Contact your instructor for more specific information about blocks they use in your courses.
  3. The center area of the course is the topic outline. It shows a detailed list of all the assignments and activities in your course (similar to the Navigation block). This content is organized in units. These units are generally arranged by weeks or by topic and will appear in order with either the newest unit on the top or the bottom of the page. (The instructor can customize this.)