Taking a Quiz

Finding a Quiz

Moodle quiz icon

To begin your quiz, start by clicking on the quiz icon on the course homepage. This will take you to the quiz’s homepage.

A quiz page

Quiz landing page

When you click on a quiz's link, you will be taken to its information page. This page can includes info about the quiz such as availability dates, grading method and time limits. There may also be a brief narrative description of the quiz or instructions for taking it here.

Start the Quiz

If you are ready to start, click "Attempt quiz now." You will be asked to confirm that you are ready. At this point, make sure that you have closed any other programs running on the computer and closed other open browser windows. Once in the quiz you should not leave the quiz screen until you have completed it.

Taking the Quiz

Quiz confirmation popup

For quizzes with time limits, you'll see a confirmation popup before you start. When you are ready to begin, click “Start attempt". Your quiz will be displayed.

The Quiz Begins

Quiz detail

Having begun your quiz, you will see a screen with one or more question to answer. If the quiz is timed, you'll see a countdown clock. This timer does not depend on either your computer or your browser to run. It will continue to run even if you log out of Moodle. When you log back in, you could find that you've run out of time. This is why it is very important to make sure your environment, computer and Internet connection are optimally prepared for you to take the quiz.

Within the quiz, instructors have a great deal of control over how questions are displayed and how you navigate between questions. Some will display all the questions at once, while others will display a few questions at a time. Some tests may include a button to "Save without submitting," while others will not. Some quizzes allow you to navigate freely between questions, even returning to ones you've already answered, and others force you to move from one question to the next, not allowing you to skip around. When allowed, always be sure to save your responses before proceeding. Saved responses will be automatically submitted, even if you are disconnected before you've completed your test.

Once you have answered all the questions, click "Finish attempt" to begin the process of saving and submitting the entire exam.

Finishing The Quiz

Quiz summary page

Once clicked, you will be taken to a summary of your responses. For some tests, you can review responses to individual questions, or even return to the test to change your answers. Click "Submit all and finish" once ready to move on.

Note that the timer is still running on the test in the image because the attempt is still considered to be open at this point.

Confirming Your Submission

Quiz submission confirmation popup

If you choose to "Submit all and finish," you will be given a final warning. You must click "Submit all and finish" again to close the attempt.

Final Summary

Post-submission summary page

You are taken back to the quiz home page to view a summary of your attempt. This is also where you may view your quiz grade and any feedback. If the quiz allows multiple attempts, you will see a "Re-attempt quiz" button. Some tests may not release your grade immediately after the attempt, so be sure to contact your instructor or check your quiz's "close" date if you have questions when and where your grade will be available.