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What if I can't see my class in Moodle?

During the semester, you'll find your classes listed in your In progress tab of the Moodle course dashboard. Yet, sometimes you won't see a class or classes there.  Here are some reasons why, and how to get help!

Class hasn't started yet

Every class has an official start date. Before that start date, students may not be able to see their classes in Moodle. It is up to your instructor to decide whether and when to make your course visible to you before its start date.

If a course has been made visible early (before its start date), you'll find it in the Future tab of your course dashboard.

Some online classes may start later than regular-start face-to-face classes. Be sure to review your course start dates on your printed schedule (or in mySCC) to understand when your courses should be visible to you.

The instructor isn't using Moodle

In some face-to-face classes, the instructor chooses not to use Moodle. In those cases, the class will not appear on your Moodle course dashboard. Normally, your instructor will indicate early in the semester -- via the syllabus or in class -- that your course will be using Moodle.

If you are interested in having course resources available in Moodle, be sure to discuss it with your instructor.

The course was dropped/wasn't added

Compare your course list in Moodle with your official schedule. You can obtain your schedule from the registrar, an advisor or just by looking it up in mySCC.

If a course doesn't appear on your official schedule and also doesn't show up in Moodle, it has been either dropped from your schedule or wasn't added properly in the first place. In these cases, its best to speak to your instructor and an advisor.

If the course appears on your official schedule but not on your Moodle dashboard, get in touch with the Teaching and Learning Center (see below). The TLC specialist will work with I.T. to correct your account.

I still need help. Who do I contact?

In all cases, its best to first contact your instructor and your advisor and to let them know you are having a problem. Don't wait to do this. As soon as you notice an issue, reach out.

At the same time, call the Teaching and Learning Center at (618) 634-3367 or fill out a:

Moodle Support Request Form