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Turnitin assignments in Moodle

For students trying to turn in a file through a Turnitin assignment in Moodle, follow these steps:

Turnitin Assignment

Find and click on the Turnitin assignment in your Moodle class. It is the assignment with the Turnitin icon (looks like a piece of paper with an arrow around it).

Assignment Summary Page

At the assignment summary page, click on the "My Submissions" tab.

Submissions Type

Pick your submission type from the drop down box. This is usually "File Upload."

Find a File to Submit

Now click on the "Choose File" button to search for a file on your computer to upload. Don't forget to also give your submission a title and check the confirmation box!

Ready to Submit

Once you have everything ready, just click "Add Submission." This will turn your paper in to Turnitin for processing. Whether you receive an originality report back right away (or only after the paper has been graded) is determined by your instructor. In any case, return to this page for your report when it is available.