Submitting Assignments

In Moodle, instructors can create assignment pages for activities that require student to submit documents for grading.

The icon for assignment pages looks like a hand holding some paper:

Assignment Page icon

The Assignment Page

Click on the icon and you are presented with the assignment page. Your assignment's description and any related files for you to download will be visible at the top of the page. A link to submit your assignments appears below.

assignment page

File Submission

To select your file for submission, open the "File submissions" area below the description. With the file submissions area open:

(1) You can drag and drop your file into the center area to upload it, or

(2) you can click the "Add" button and use the file selection window to pick your file from your computer, flash drive, or from an online file repository (such as Google Drive).

File Submission screen

File Picker

If you click on "Add," the file picker opens, allowing you to select a file from one of several locations, including your computer and any attached flash drives. Click on "choose file" to navigate your computer to find your file. Once selected, the file's name will appear next to the Choose File button. Click on "upload this file" to load your file into the assignment page.

Save Submission

Now that the file is uploaded, you need to click the "Save changes" button to save your file to the assignment page.

Certain types of assignment pages may require you to click an additional Send for marking button to submit your assignment, or may allow you to upload a draft of your work to receive preliminary feedback.

Assignment Submitted

In some assignment types, saving the file to the assignment page is all you need to do to submit your work. Your instructor can see your submission and will grade it promptly. Once graded, you'll be able to return to this page to view your grade and any comments.

You can also go to the Grades page to view your grade, but not your instructor's comments.