Using Messages

Where are Moodle Messages?

Messaging exists throughout the site - any where you see someone's name! For example, you can go to your class's participants list in the main menu in your course. On the Participants page, click on the name of another student in your class or the instructor.

Messaging From A Profile Page

From a participant's profile, click the Message button. This will open the messages screen. You can also add someone to your contact list by clicking on Add to your contacts from this screen.

Message Window

On the Messages page, you'll see a list of your recent conversations on the left, with the current conversation you are starting at the top (1). The name of the person you are going to message will also be at the top in the center (2). At the bottom is an edit field (3) you can click to start typing your message. Keep in mind that messages are text only.

Message Icon

You can also get to messages via the messaging icon in the upper right corner of the screen next to your name. The message icon will indicate you have unread messages with a red square and a number (the number of unread messages you have).

Messaging Icon Recent Messages

Clicking on the messages icon will show you any recent messages that have been sent to you. Unread messages are indicated with a red dot. Clicking on unread messages opens a conversation on the Messages screen. Click on New message to go to the new message page.

New Message

From the New Message page, you can search for any one in a course you are enrolled in to send a message to.

Depending on the setup of your messaging preferences, Moodle will forward notifications of new messages to your email. Keep in mind, this is only a notification. If you try to reply via email to this message, your reply will not be delivered to the student or to Moodle. If you are already logged in to mySCC and Moodle when you receive this message, you may be able to go directly to the message and reply by clicking the link at the bottom.