Viewing your Grades

Your course grades are visible in your User report which is accessed by clicking the Grades link. Look for the Grades link in the main menu on the left.

All grades from graded activities will show on your User report. Some examples of activities that can be graded include: discussion, assignments, and quizzes. In addition, instructors of face-to-face class sections will sometimes use Moodle to post course grades. These posted grades will also be visible in the User report - but talk to your instructor to see if you'll be using Moodle for this.

Gradebook User Report

Your User report in the Grades area of the course displays all your current grades, along with other grade-related information (like what percentage of your final grade a single activity contributes).

Your instructor has a great deal of flexibility in Moodle over how and when grades get recorded, calculated, and displayed. Consult your instructor and your course syllabus for more specific information about what is graded and how grades are calculated in your class. In a typical class, grades will be divided into grade categories and displayed on a screen like that shown above.

In the example above, there are three graded activities. Many classes calculate the "Course total" grade or "Average" from all the activities that have been completed, but exclude activities that are not yet available to you as a student. This allows you to get a snapshot of your overall grade at the present time. However, instructors may choose to modify this default grade book behavior. Again, if you have questions about your grades, talk to your instructor.

A closer look at the User Report

Looking at the this User report in more detail, you can see that this student has completed one of three tests and got  a 10 out of 10 (100%) on the test, "Grades and Grading." These tests are organized under the "Moodle Tests" category. Also, this student currently has 100% overall average, because the tests that have not been taken are not calculated into the final score until completed by the student and scored by Moodle (or until the instructor manually enters a grade).

This course displays grades as both percentages and actual scores. Some courses may just display a percentage, a score, a letter grade, or some combination. If you have questions about how your courses display your grades, contact your instructor.

Keep in mind that no other students in any of your classes can see your grade information or any of your private course activity. This is only visible to you and your instructor.