Using the Moodle App the First Time

The Moodle app for mobile devices allows access to Moodle classes in a layout design especially for smaller screens. The Mobile app allows students to (among other things):

  • View courses and course content
  • Send and view messages
  • Upload files (audio, video, assignment files) from your mobile device to your courses
  • Submit assignments
  • Post in discussion forums
  • Take quizzes
  • View course calendars
  • View course grades

To get started, download and install the official app, Moodle, from the Android or iOS app stores.

Moodle app logo

Once installed, enter our official site into the site address field: Then, click Connect.

Moodle app URL page

Next, you'll need to create a password for our Moodle site. Keep in mind, this is only for logging in to the app the first time. This password does not change your log in to mySCC or email, and you won't need this password if you access Moodle via mySCC on a different computer - This is only for the app!

To create your direct Moodle password, click on the "Forgotten your username or password?" link.

sign in page detail

On the Forgotten password screen, click the checkbox next to Email address and then type your school email address into the line below. Finally, click Search.

Forgotten password page

You should get a notification that an email has been sent to your account.

App Success screen

Log in to your school email and look for an email from Moodle "Admin user." This email will have a password reset link. Click on that link. Make sure the link address starts with "" before you click on it.

Password reset email

The link will take you to Moodle's Set password page. Enter a new password twice into the password fields and click Save changes.

Set password page

You are ready to log in to the app! Just go back to the app on your device and enter your username (SCC email address), new password, and click Log in. If you closed the app while setting your password, you may need to enter our site address again.

As long as you don't log out of the app later, you should only have to log in to the app once.

Log in screen